Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Movies

Just wanted to post a couple movies EVERYONE should see if they haven't already.

This movie showcases Denzel Washington at his finest, the acting is superb and the action is nail biting. It's the tale of a young officer's first day on the job (his "training day") and the events that ensue as he learns from his mentor (Denzel). The plot twists in a way that throws you completely off guard. It's truly an amazing movie.

If there's one Edward Norton movie anyone should see, it's this one. The plot is absolutely captivating and upon seeing this for the first time I shed a tear at the end. It tells the tale of a neo-Nazi and his undertaking of his racist ideals that ultimately put him in prison, we see the reformation he undergoes and the effects it has on the world around him. The character development in the movie is second to none and you can't help but become attached to all of the characters in the movie by the end.

I included this movie as a warning to never see it, I'm pretty sure the script was written by a 5 year old. It's that bad.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rolling Papers review

Today I was offered $40 to wash someones car and another $40 to chauffeur someone to the naval base so they can buy tax free stuff, sounds good to me. While it is spring break and like 80 degrees and I should be at...

I'm really sensitive to the sun so I figured I'd write a short review on Wiz Khalifa's highly anticipated rap album titled Rolling Papers, I'm aware that this was leaked and that the general population probably dislikes rap music but whatever.

I'll start off by saying, overall the album is pretty subpar. Any Wiz fans expecting anything remotely close to Kush and OJ will be disappointed. The beats are decent but employ heavy basslines commonly used for radio singles, no "We're Done" or "The Kid Frankie"-esque music is to be found here. His lyrics are still pretty decent throughout but the wordplay and unique sound that he has developed over the years has seemingly vanished as the album seems like a CD full of radio singles instead of a CD of Wiz Khalifa. With that said, I've been a Wiz fan for a while and I'm pretty critical of his recent move towards the mainstream, there is a lot of music to be enjoyed here and I'm sure many people will like it but in my opinion, he's done better. I just hope he bounces back to his old style.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I think so.

The weekend

Shits been fun so far, hit up a party and got 
It was pretty miserable towards the end (spins like crazy) but I was good in the end. Me and my boy Drew were dominating those beer pong tables makin girls our opponents cry left and right nbd though they gotta make sandwiches anyways.

I also downloaded
 on my iPhone. Wasted about 3 hours on the toilet playing total so far, who needs friends when you got your party of 4?